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Staffing Services Experience

Our BPO company is a trusted ally, leveraging extensive HR experience to guide businesses through the complexities of recruitment, payroll computations, and vigilant adherence to employment and social security legislation. We aim to boost employee engagement and satisfaction across diverse markets with our comprehensive staffing services.

The Role of Outsourced Staffing

BPO Solutions like staffing services facilitate a legal and adaptable approach to managing human resources for set durations. Recent HR research highlights a surge in productivity for organisations that utilise outsourced staffing for temporary employment needs.Under this model, chosen candidates become employees of our staffing company and perform their duties at the client’s premises.

Unified Staffing Strategy

A single approach to staffing and payroll is assured across all company locations when working with a professional staffing company. Without outsourced staffing, variations in staffing practices are likely to occur across different sites.This uniformity is particularly beneficial for international businesses operating across multiple jurisdictions.

Technological Integration in Outsourced Staffing

Managed services such as staffing solutions are often streamlined through the use of technology. A recent survey reported that 90% of businesses prefer cloud-based solutions for managing their outsourced staffing functions, ensuring cohesiveness and efficiency.

Cost Efficiency in Staffing Services

Outsourcing staffing to Euroanswer can prove more cost-effective than internal management. As a business process outsourcing company we are able to deliver human resources services at a lower cost than most businesses can achieve independently.

Expediency of Service

Wespecialise in swiftly sourcing and integrating new staff for businesses. These outsourced staffing services are also adept at promptly addressing any staffing concerns that may emerge.

Industries Predominantly Using Outsourced Staffing

Sectors frequently utilising BPO services include:

Recruitment Proficiency

Our staffing services excel at navigating the HR market to meet client-specific demands and assure great customer experience. We cater to all forms of BPO contracts, including project-based, trial, temporary, and permanent recruitment.

HR Administration Expertise

We oversee all aspects of quality, timing, and cost throughout the recruitment journey. Our staffing company develops tailored approaches for each recruitment drive, from assessing job descriptions to initiating employee orientation and coaching schemes.

Payroll Administration

Our dedicated professionals ensure rapid and precise payroll processing. By leveraging advanced HR technology through our staffing services, businesses benefit from increased cost efficiency and error minimisation, while maintaining compliance with legal standards and ensuring data security.

Our Impact

With an in-depth knowledge of HR systems and a keen insight into the competitive job market, our customer support services provide peace of mind to businesses. Companies can then concentrate on strategic objectives, enhance the efficiency of in-house staff, and reinforce their reputation as a distinguished employer brand.



mapping the Human Resources market according to client-specific requests and task requirements and recruiting for all types of BPO & ITO contracts: project-based, trial, temporary and permanent.

HR Admin

we manage quality, time, and cost parameters all throughout the recruitment process, developing customized timelines and methodologies for specific recruitment projects, from job description assessments to employee orientation and coaching plans.


dedicated professionals process payroll with speed and accuracy, providing companies access to modern technological HR tools, which in turn bring more cost and error reduction, while ensuring law compliance and data security.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are staffing services and how can they benefit my business?

Technical support services, provided by a professional staffing company, specialise in sourcing, vetting, and placing employees in businesses like yours. They can offer a diverse pool of qualified candidates, handle administrative tasks such as payroll and compliance, and can quickly fill vacancies, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

What types of roles can a staffing company provide for my organisation?

Staffing companies can supply a wide range of talent for various roles, from temporary and contract positions to permanent placements. They cover various industries such as IT, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and hospitality, and can cater to specialised roles according to your business needs.

How does outsourced staffing differ from traditional recruitment?

Outsourced staffing involves a third-party company managing the recruitment process, including sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and handling onboarding. This is different from traditional recruitment where the internal HR department manages these processes. Outstaffing is often more efficient and cost-effective, particularly for temporary or specialised roles.

Is outsourced staffing more expensive than in-house recruitment?

Initially, it may seem more costly due to service fees; however, outsourced staffing can actually save money in the long run. It reduces the need for in-house recruitment resources, minimises the risk of hiring unsuitable candidates, and can adjust workforce size rapidly in response to business needs without the overhead of full-time salaries and benefits.

How do staffing companies ensure they find the right candidates for my business?

Reputable staffing companies employ rigorous screening processes, including skills assessments, interviews, and reference checks. They also have access to a broad network of candidates and employ specialists who understand market trends and the specific needs of industries to ensure a good match between the candidate’s capabilities and your business requirements.Contact us now!


With excellent knowledge of HR systems and procedures, and deep understanding of the competitive job market, our staffing services deliver ease of mind to companies looking to focus on business strategy, create efficiency for in-house staff and solidify their status as an employer brand.


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