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Outstaffing – Staff Leasing Solutions at Euroanswer

Facing seasonal peaks, initiating new projects, dealing with staff turnover, or bridging language competencies, our staff leasing services offer cost-efficient and adaptable staffing alternatives tailored to the immediate needs of your organisation.

  • Operational Enhancement – bolster operational efficiency with the addition of on-site leased staff and BPO services.
  • Access to Expertise – enhance your workforce with skilled leased resources, ensuring seamless onboarding and integration into your team
  • In-House Focus – maintain critical projects in-house, accelerating delivery without compromising on-site control

Staff leasing is a BPO model of remote recruitment where a provider supplies specialists or teams for a client’s project for the duration of a contract. Clients retain the ability to direct and oversee the “leased” individuals or teams. At Euroanswer we manage recruitment, legalities, and payroll.

Our managed services ensure your operations proceed without interruption, while you retain managerial oversight of leased staff and the delivery of services. Our clients experience seamless integration of expertise, greater control over key projects, and the agility to scale rapidly.

Objectives of Staff Leasing

  • Optimise workflows and budgets
  • Decrease administrative tasks for accountants and HR personnel
  • Minimise legal risks for the company

Staff Leasing Workflow

  • Recruitment – candidate selection, shortlisting, initial meetings, interviews, and job offer issuance.
  • Onboarding – provision of workspace and communication tools, introduction to products and company culture, and performance tracking.
  • Management – regular discussions, progress tracking, problem resolution, adherence to contractual obligations, and task completion.

Staff Leasing Advantages

  1. Team Oversight – clients have the authority to manage leased staff as if they were in-house employees.
  2. Cost Savings – leased specialists typically cost less than full-time staff due to reduced risk management and overhead expenditures.
  3. Workforce Agility – clients can conclude, extend, or renew contracts, or source new teams post-project with ease.
  4. Streamlined Prioritisation – clients can focus entirely on project development, leaving organisational matters to the provider.
  5. Enhanced Efficiency – leased experts can bolster the project team, aiding in the swift and effective achievement of targets.
  6. Project Cost Reduction – with a leased team, the client incurs lower official employment costs, resulting in savings on taxes, salaries, and associated expenses.


Increase operative

with the addition of on-site staff and services

Skilled resources

Complement workforce with skilled resources, including onboarding and functional integration


Keep targeted projects on site, in “in-house” status while speeding up delivery


Our augmented and on-site staffing services help keep your business running smoothly, while allowing the option of retaining managerial responsibility for augmented staff and related service delivery. As a result, our clients gain easy expertise integration, better control on priority projects and fast scalability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is staff leasing, and how does it work?

Staff leasing is a business process outsourcing service wherein a business engages a third-party provider to supply staff members who work for the business under a lease agreement. The provider is responsible for the administrative aspects of employment, such as payroll, taxes, and benefits, while the staff work at the leasing company’s direction and control.

How can my business benefit from staff leasing services?

Businesses benefit from BPO solutions by gaining flexibility in managing workforce numbers, reducing administrative burdens, and often enjoying cost savings on employment-related expenses. It also allows companies to access a wider talent pool with specialist skills without the long-term commitment of traditional hiring.

Is staff leasing suitable for all types of businesses?

Staff leasing can be adapted to a wide range of businesses and industries, especially those experiencing fluctuating demand, needing specialist skills for short-term projects, or looking to expand operations without increasing permanent headcount.

How does staff leasing differ from temporary staffing?

While similar in concept, staff leasing typically involves a longer-term arrangement and may include a broader range of services, including handling all HR-related tasks. Temporary staffing is often for shorter periods and may not include full HR services.

Who is responsible for the leased staff’s compliance and work performance?

The BPO company is usually responsible for ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations, while the client company oversees the day-to-day work performance and output of the leased staff. It’s essential to clarify these responsibilities in the leasing agreement. Contact us now!


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