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In 16 years of continuous support & strategic business partnership, Euroanswer has provided Customer Support services for a global industry leader from technology industry in Central & Eastern Europe.

Our client required a reliable partner, eager to understand the needs of both their business and their customers. Our approach was based on three major building blocks: people – technology – processes, working towards both scalability and flexibility.

The Era of Innovation at Euroanswer

In today’s transforming global landscape, businesses must actively shape their destinies. The newest technologies empower organisations to enhance customer experiences and fortify operational resilience. Our advanced technological capabilities aid in developing long-term strategies, crafting bespoke solutions, and maintaining a competitive edge in this fast-evolving environment.

Key Features of Our Service:

  • Expedited product launches with autonomously operated teams
  • Emphasis on problem-solving rather than mere task completion
  • In-depth collaboration across client’s business and IT sectors
  • A consultative approach for both new and ongoing projects
  • Intently cross-functional teams for level 1 support
  • Digital growth as an added benefit

Transitioning to Enhanced Value

With Euroanswer, organisations can bolster business resilience, agility, service desk support, and investment returns. Although the approach may vary based on each company’s maturity and specific transformation needs, the objective remains consistent: maximise technology investments, stimulate continuous improvement, and reallocate resources towards innovation and growth-driving activities.

Experience that Elevates Your Business

Your enterprise needs to be future-proof; our consultancy services are designed to achieve this. Leveraging our expertise in enterprise processes, technology, and transformation, we guide you in reshaping your organisation and converting ambitious goals into tangible outcomes. Our challenge is to pose the right questions, creating a business model that effectively serves your customers and employees in any future scenario.

Strategies for Tomorrow, Solutions for Today

Future readiness demands a blend of visionary thinking and practical application. Collaborating with our innovative consultants will propel your business forward, supported by expert solution design and actionable advice. Our industry insights, user-centric solution frameworks, and hands-on experience bridge the gap between operational challenges and digital transformation success. We employ our extensive experience with technical support across various sectors to enhance your team’s capabilities, positioning your business at the forefront of modernity.

According to recent market predictions, the global BPO sector is set for significant growth in 2024, driven by several key factors:

Operational Efficiency: Integrating AI and automation in BPO operations has improved productivity and cost-effectiveness.

Workforce Management: The shift to remote and hybrid work models has expanded the talent pool and enhanced employee satisfaction.

Client Relationships and Investment Opportunities: BPO companies increasingly focus on fostering robust client relationships, offering tailor-made solutions, and venturing into new markets.

Regulatory Compliance: Compliance with international standards and regulations, ensuring data security and privacy, has become a top priority.

According to Forbes, there are eight key advantages that any company can benefit when collaborating with a BPO company focused on Technology:

  • Enhanced Operational Flexibility
  • Engagement with Cutting-Edge Technologies
  • Availability of Elite Talent
  • Reduction in Costs with Managed Services
  • Advanced and Rapid Reporting Capabilities
  • Improved Responsiveness to Changes
  • Expertise in Risk Management
  • Strengthened Competitive Edge

Taking care of reputation through multilanguage excellence

10 languages
German, Czech, Croatian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Polish, Greek, Finnish, Romanian and Hungarian

From 3 supporting location
Macedonia – Skopje, Romania – Bucharest and Galati

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does your BPO Company offer in customer support and technical assistance?

Euroanswer specializes in comprehensive services tailored to enhance customer experience and provide robust technical support. This includes level 1 support, service desk support, and comprehensive managed services. We leverage cutting-edge technology and processes to ensure seamless, efficient, responsive support for all customer inquiries and technical issues.

How do you ensure quality and multilingual capabilities in your customer support services?

Quality assurance is paramount in our customer support services. We maintain a team of skilled professionals proficient in multiple languages, including German, Czech, Croatian, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Polish, Greek, Finnish, Romanian, and Hungarian. Our multilingual excellence ensures we can cater to a diverse clientele, providing high-quality support in various languages while upholding our commitment to maintaining a stellar reputation.

What innovations does your company bring to the BPO sector to stay ahead in a rapidly changing technological landscape?

Our company is at the forefront of embracing innovative technologies and methodologies. We actively incorporate AI, automation, and digital engineering to streamline our processes and enhance customer interaction. By focusing on technological transformation, we expedite our service delivery and provide value-added services to our clients. Our approach involves close collaboration with clients, problem-solving capabilities, and a consultative mindset, ensuring we are not just a service provider but a strategic partner in their growth and adaptation to an evolving digital world.

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