In the 3 years of dedicated support, Euroanswer has provided Customer Support services for a leader from the gaming industry in Central & Eastern Europe.

Our client required a reliantly expert partner, proving to understand industry-specific needs, provide support in an evolving fast-paced market and cultivate trust for both employees and customers.

Our 7 dedicated agents and support team delivered excellence through Customer Support and are in the pursuit of expert gameplay, in a relentless pace of self-improvement.

Enhancing the gaming experience involves a harmonious blend of technological prowess and team effort. At Euroanswer, our focus with outsourced gaming clients is on elevating the player experience and overseeing game moderation. Achieving this requires a synergy of advanced technology and the human element. Gamers seek thrilling, fast-paced gameplay but also value safety and prompt resolution of issues. Our interactive support ensures your brand remains secure and thrives in the highly competitive gaming sector.

Our Strategy

We go beyond being just service providers; we’re your partners. We employ necessary tools in gauging player satisfaction and their perceptions of the company and the game, yielding insights that significantly enhance customer care, technical support.


We integrate seamlessly into your team, tailoring solutions to your objectives and challenges. Our problem-solving approach involves constructing solutions collaboratively, starting from the ground up, in close partnership with our clients.


Gaming demands real-time action and excitement. Balancing the need for speed with security is essential. Our team anticipates seasonal spikes in player engagement and is always prepared for unforeseen challenges.

The Best Approach

Our BPO company strikes the perfect balance – large enough to be dependable yet agile enough to maintain an entrepreneurial spirit. We ensure direct access to our top decision-makers for our clients.

Key Challenges in Customer Service for Online Gaming

  • Providing instantaneous, 24/7 customer support to resolve issues quickly and keep players engaged.
  • Offering customer care in multiple languages, catering to the global gaming community.
  • Supporting a wide range of devices for seamless gaming experiences.
  • Ensuring an omnichannel customer experience across various platforms like in-app support, chat, live agents, social media, and email.
  • Staffing the support center with tech-savvy, gaming-knowledgeable agents capable of engaging with players using game-specific terminology.
  • Collect and analyse player feedback to inform various departments such as game design, product development, marketing, sales, and engineering.

According to, in 2024, the video game industry’s revenue is forecasted to hit US$282.30 billion. This sector is anticipated to expand at an annual growth rate of 8.76% from 2024 to 2027, culminating in a market value of US$363.20 billion by 2027. Be a part of the movement with Euroanswer!

Delivering multilanguage excellence

4 languages

Italian, Turkey, Arabic and Dutch

From 3 supporting locations:
Macedonia – Skopje, Romania – Bucharest and Galati

Frequently Asked Questions

What customer support services does Euroanswer provide for the gaming industry?

Euroanswer offers a comprehensive range of customer support services tailored to the gaming industry. This includes interactive support, multilingual assistance in languages such as Italian, Turkish, Arabic, and Dutch, and 24/7 customer care from our support centers in Macedonia and Romania. Our team is equipped to handle various inquiries, ranging from game moderation to technical issues, ensuring optimal user satisfaction and a seamless gaming experience for your customers.

How does Euroanswer enhance the customer experience in the gaming sector?

At Euroanswer, we believe in a balanced approach that combines advanced technology with a human touch to enhance the customer experience. Our services are designed to offer quick resolution of issues and interactive support, ensuring that gamers have a safe and exciting gaming experience. We also utilise customer satisfaction metrics to assess and improve our services continually. This approach helps us provide effective game moderation, maintain security, and contribute to the overall success of your gaming brand.

Can Euroanswer adapt its customer support to the evolving needs of the gaming industry?

Absolutely. Euroanswer prides itself on its flexibility and adaptability to the dynamic and evolving needs of the gaming industry. Our team is well-versed in the latest gaming trends and technologies, including the emerging metaverse concept. We are committed to providing real-time, engaging, and secure gaming experiences. Our proactive approach to seasonal player engagement and ability to anticipate and adapt to market changes ensure that we remain a reliable and innovative partner in customer support for the gaming industry.


Size of the team: