We work in the field of BPO services, but we do not see ourselves as suppliers. We are long term partners in value added. With us, our clients experience the best of both worlds: Western standards meet Eastern mindset to forge a European company, multicultural and cosmopolitan in its DNA, highly technology skilled and wired to make performance across the globe.  

We are BPO partners, beyond being services suppliers. We build long term relationships with clients, with respect, mutual trust and constant will to add real value.  

We recently successfully renewed two of our long-lasting collaborations. Here are the two projects where our team excelled in combining efforts and agile efficiency in the past months.  

With the multinational Information Technology organization that provides hardware and software we started our partnership in 2006 and the range of services we deliver covers IT Service Desk, maintenance and technical support, helpdesk & on-site services, sales and support, offered with the help of a team of 70 people, spread across 3 delivery centers – Bucharest, Galati and Skopje. 

2010 was the year we joined forces with the leading global technology provider, for which we provide inbound services (post-sale assistance via calls, e-mail, chat). A total of 100 people from all our centers – Bucharest, Sibiu, Galati and Skopje – are involved in the successful delivery of this project. 

For sure, one of the key factors in the successful renewal of these important contracts was our company’s involvement in finding innovative solutions and improving the existing processes.  

Here’s how this is reflected in the words of our service desk managers: 

Continuous measures were taken to improve quality; we offered our support for procedure revision and proposed improvements that were implemented and led consequently to a better response timeframe which increased customer satisfaction and established the net promoter score above the industry average.” 

Our range of BPO delivery programs have taught us that in addition to the need to build and deploy structured work flows and maintain consistent and proven BBB within the operations field, it is essential to build a continuous service improvement process and culture to align and re-align processes to the changing demands of the business and implement improvements. Euroanswer has many examples of how our focus on CSI has helped the customer develop process unification & simplification, reduce manual tasks and increase automation, all of these improvements being embedded in an end-to-end process having the customer experience as its foundation. “ 

Since I began working for Euroanswer, 6 years ago, I was part of a team that strived to achieve higher and better results and to provide a real, dedicated, and professional customer experience. “ 

My initial role as a customer advisor taught me how to provide high quality commercial and technical support to our client’s end users, conceive customer-oriented messages, handle difficult situations, all these abilities forming afterwards the foundation for future development inside the company. “ 

As a senior agent, I learned how to help my peers solve different situations, providing customized solutions that simplified or expedited ticket handling. This led to decreased AHT and a higher efficiency. “ 

For 2 years and a half while I occupied the team leading position, I developed my team coordination abilities and had an important contribution in keeping the SLAs above the contractual thresholds, through targeted actions and plans. Acting as a Team Leader offered me a great deal of experience that I feel would directly benefit in a future managing role. “ 

Performing as an interim Service Desk Manager for three months, on that project, gave me the opportunity to both tackle the key responsibilities related to various managerial tasks and to grow accustomed to the challenges such a role implies daily. “ 

Process design, team leaders’ development and ensuring a strong, positive, and sustainable relationship between Euroanswer and the client were some of the complex commitments that I fully internalized after I received full ownership of this role, this year in August. “ 

Currently, my main mid and long-term objectives are setting and aligning individual goals with company’s top goals, motivating the entire work force to work collectively to execute the organization strategy, carefully and attentively creating an effective communication strategy, ensuring proper understanding and commitment by continuous learning and designing individual development plans”, says Cristian Serbanoiu, Service Delivery Manager. 

For Nedeljko Ivanovik, Service Delivery Manager in our Skopje office, his career’s path is strongly connected to the company’s evolution. A mix of elements that both motivate and inspire him to grow together with the team is pinpointed in his testimonial below: 

I have been part of Euroanswer Skopje from its very beginning 11 years ago, starting as a Call Centre Representative, progressing to a Team Leader & a Service Delivery Manager, witnessing & participating as a team member in the success, steady growth & expansion of the Skopje Euroanswer branch from 10 to almost 100 employees. The clear set objectives, the support & reliability of both the knowledgeable board of directors & all team members, the transparency, flexibility, overall company culture & philosophy is what I appreciate the most & what motivates myself personally to start each day’s activity with the mindset of bringing value & memorable experience to both the clients supported and the colleagues & peers within the company. 

We are proud to have met the challenge of the renewal, it shows our commitment & dedication to providing high-level quality services to our customer & the same level of high conduct in our business practices. 

This renewal is an important milestone in the continuing growth & success of our team who started 11 years ago offering 24/7 CCR services for some CEE countries only. Today 29 EMEA countries (& 21 languages) are covered in the current Euroanswer agreement, including the German-speaking region.” 

Stories like these give us confidence that the services we provide are mirroring our entire team’s performance, our business competence and represent an authentic testimonial of our long-lasting partnerships.