Our tasks are complex as we relate to business protocols, people, brands, technology and issues that need to be addressed at the same time. To deal with this complexity we need to manifest nuanced knowledge and to exercise good and quick decision making, discernment and astuteness.  This is why working for a BPO company is a great fit for those who thrive in such an environment.

We are people trained to solve requests and think ahead in the name of our clients, but at the same time we are a good company for our colleagues and peers.

Our team spirit is nurtured by a precious degree of self-determination and autonomy within the team. We are warm, open, eager to learn and welcome colleagues. We cultivate inclusion and accommodate diversity. We are open learners and curious folks.

Having a problem solving mindset deeply ingrained in our DNA, we organized a special workshop for our colleagues in Bucharest, which turned out to be a rather candid meeting, touching on meaningful subjects: controlling emotions, personal responsibility, cultivating passion in spite of difficult setbacks.

We named the workshop “Mind Over Matter” and we invited a special guest, Ghiorghi Filip, national Archery Paralympic champion and philanthropist, to share his experience on overcoming challenges in the personal and professional lives.

And so the storytelling began. Filip shared with us how an unfortunate event dramatically changed his life, leaving him disabled. Through self-control and negative emotions management, he found a new vocational purpose: to improve other people’s lives, regardless of their situation. This sparked a lot of interest from our colleagues, who were curious to ask more questions, get to know Filip better and learn more about his approach.

Customer representatives, team leaders, managers were all present at the workshop, eager to discover Filip’s story and aspects with which they could resonate with on a personal level and feel inspired by.

We talked about how to get a better grip on oneself and the situation you may be facing, how to make the decision of changing a behavior, about persistence and how to continue your efforts towards a goal, even though obstacles may appear.  

“Stimulate your power of concentration, control your physical strength and aim.”
“Learn to assimilate the initial traumatic experiences that once negatively influenced you, and go on beyond them. Evaluate all your roles, be it an employee, colleague, friend, spouse, child or parent.”
“Learn to change the way you see yourself and your life and choose to develop deeper relationships with those around you.”

It’s gatherings like these and people like Filip that inspire us to increase productivity, engagement and human interactions in our team.

We asked our colleagues to share with us what impacted them most from the workshop.

 “Seeing someone overcome such problems can empower you to solve your own problems faster and better. It is a great motivator. It would be nice to have more of these events, you never know what you might learn.”

– Customer Service Advisor

“It was like watching an emotional movie based on a true life story. He remained a fighter and a believer despite the tragic event in his life. He has a life that few have, with lots of achievements, with a lot of traveling and a great family. His visit reminded us to enjoy life and cultivate everything we do with passion, focusing less on the small difficulties we might encounter.”

– Quality Manager

“The meeting with Filip was like a life lesson. It struck me that he’s lucky to see so many countries, new places, that he’s doing a lot of activities. We tend to get caught up very easily in daily complaining about finances or lack of time and let the big picture escape us sometimes. I would like to attend more events like this one in the future!”

– Team Leader

“Meeting Filip reminded me I can always find a way to move forward. Experience can be gained best by accepting the way we are in that particular moment and with that, we can overcome all the situations that may appear. ”

– Customer Service Advisor

“The best word to describe the meeting with Filip is for sure CHALLENGING. The most important lesson that he taught us was that we shouldnever give up. I want to see other similar events organized in our company.”

– Quality Analyst